EPOS enters Works With Chromebook program

We are pleased to announce the partnership with Chromebook as EPOS enters the Works With Chromebook program (WWCB). This certification is the result of our recent Strategic Partnership with Chromebook and ensures both professionals working from home, contact center agents and students using Chromebook an immersive and superior audio experience. The certified headsets are the IMPACT SC 230 and IMPACT SC 260, both offering long-wear comfort and noice cancellation to enable users to stay focused on the task at hand.

Optimized for Professionals Working Remote

Working remotely is becoming more relevant than ever before and optimizing working conditions for professionals, the IMPACT SC 230 and IMPACT SC 260 certification ensures employees working from home a superior audio experience and smooth integration with their Chromebook devices. Designed for comfort, focus and concentration, the headsets empower collective performance across the organization.

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Streamlines and Upgrades Operation for Contact Center Agents

With seamless integration with their Chromebook devices and more natural-sounding conversations through technology designed according to their professional needs, the IMPACT SC 230 and IMPACT SC 260 ensures contact center agents the best conditions to succeed. With noice-cancelling microphones and a bendable and pivoting boom arm ensuring optimal microphone positioning and wearing flexibility, the headsets optimize sound performance and allow for comfortable all-day wear.

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Empowers Concentration and Performance for Students

Demanding curriculums and long days of studying require optimal performance, and with the certification of IMPACT SC 230 and IMPACT SC 260, students can enjoy long-wear comfort, excellent audio experiences and smooth integration with their Chromebook devices. Noice-cancellation empowers focus and concentration and acoustic foam ear pads with soft leatherette covers secure all-day comfort while studying, enabling students to stay focused on deadlines and assignments.

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Chromebook and EPOS

Chromebook devices run on the Chrome OS operating system, where user data is securely hosted in the cloud, and uses the Google web browser Chrome as the principal user interface. The system is used by students, contact center agents and working professionals alike. Samsung and Acer made the first Chromebook available in 2011. The Strategic Alliance between Chromebook and EPOS offers users seamless integration between the EPOS IMPACT SC 230 and IMPACT SC 260 and their Chromebook devices, and ensures them immersive and superior audio experiences