GSX 300 - Basic Troubleshooting

1) How do I get the most out of my new GSX 300 external soundcard?

We suggest you download the EPOS Software Suite from The EPOS Gaming Suite turns on 7.1 Surround Sound, allows you to create different audio profiles depending on your needs, and also allows you to control background noise.

2) What does the Smart button do?

You can select what it does from within the EPOS Gaming Suite. As of today, you can select the functionality of switching between your audio profiles or switching between Stereo and 7.1ch Surround sound.

3) Does the GSX 300 work with consoles?

The soundcard was made for PC and requires the EPOS Gaming Suite to have all features activated. It will
however work with most USB-compliant devices such as PS4 or Nintendo Switch (docked).

4) I had 24-bit audio before installing the software suite, what happened?

The EPOS Software Suite and its 7.1 processing only support 16-bit audio today. If you wish to use GSX 300 with 24-bit rate, please uninstall the EPOS Gaming Suite.

5) My GSX 300 isn’t playing loud enough with my headset.

The GSX 300 external soundcard was made to provide a good loudness for headsets such as GSP500/600 or H3/H6Pro. If you use other headsets, please make sure that the impedance (resistance) of the
headset is around 50 ohms or less. Having higher impedance will impact loudness of the audio.
We also suggest that you check that volume is turned all the way up on the volume control on your headset.