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Businesses around the world are losing millions due to poor audio solutions. With every “What” comes great consequences.

In fact, a new survey by global research firm, IPSOS and high-end audio brand, EPOS, finds that organizations that employ more than 100 people risk losing over 70.000USD per annum in lost revenue.

We want to change that by providing premium audio equipment that helps individuals and teams achieve more, perform better, and increase productivity through sound excellence. That is why we are on a mission to put ”What” out of business.

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95% of today's modern workers admit that their concentration and efficiency at work has suffered due to sonic setbacks. Download the full report "Understanding Sound Experiences" to get key findings and learn about the consequences of bad audio.

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The majority of business decision makers surveyed (79%) believe that quality audio equipment can be an effective antidote to poor-quality sound. Download the brochure and learn more about solutions to eliminate ‘What’

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Banish bad audio with the premium audio devices & technology

The “Understanding Sound Experiences” report takes a deep dive into what business professionals want from audio solutions. The ADAPT, EXPAND and IMPACT Lines from EPOS enable people to reach their fullest potential by delivering superior audio and flawless communication experiences. Request a free trial today and discover the benefit of premium audio.

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Eliminating bad audio is simple

More than two thirds of end users report that key audio pain points are alleviated by good audio to a great or moderate extent. Curious to learn more about audio and how it relates to work? Download our latest research together with Ipsos.

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The best remote headsets by EPOS

We all know about the freedom of the remote workplace. Working remotely provides greater autonomy of where and how you work, better work/life balance and greater flexibility. The right headset can optimize your remote working experience even further. Ensure flawless business calls and boost your concentration with headsets that offer Hybrid Adaptive ANC and optimized music experiences while you work. When the world is your office, enjoy a line of versatile audio solutions that work your way.

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Microsoft Teams + EPOS

We use the most advanced audio and collaboration technologies to create solutions that are powerful, reliable, and easy to use. EPOS headset and speakerphones are certified for Microsoft Teams. Experience the plug ‘n’ play simplicity and the proven interoperability in renowned EPOS high-quality audio.

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Work your way

Headset solutions for professionals working away from their desks, participating in meetings or calls or working remotely from other locations.

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When talk matters

Headset solutions for professionals working in energetic call center and office environments, spending much time at or around their desks talking with customers.

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Seamless collaboration

Flexible plug-and-play speakerphone and conference solutions for professionals having collaborative calls/meetings with co-workers, customers and other stakeholders anywhere.

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