D 10 Series Overview

The D 10 series consists of a range of different headsets using DECT technology to provide outstanding range and clarity. The D 10 series are single connectivity products, meaning that they can either be connecting to a phone using telephony cables, or connected to a PC via USB, but not to both. For dual connectivity, please see either the DW series or the SD series.


There are three variants of the D 10 series.

  • D 10 PHONE: This unit can only be connected using the telephony ports. While there is a micro USB port present on the back of the base station, it can only be used for updating the device's firmware.
  • D 10 USB: This unit can only be connected via USB, as there are no telephony ports present on the base station. The base station is capable of producing a an audible ringtone.
  • D 10 USB ML: This unit is identical to the D 10 USB, and differs only in that it also has been certified by Microsoft for use with Skype for Business, also known as Microsoft Lync.

Introductory video

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