Call control with deskphones overview (DECT)

Call control is the ability to answer and end calls remotely using the multifunction button on the headset. Call control can be obtained both with physical deskphones and with softphone applications on a PC, but the steps involved do differ.

Call control with deskphones

If you are connecting your EPOS DECT headset with a deskphone, then there are two possible ways to gain call control functionality.

The first is to use an electronic hook switch (or EHS) cable. These cables allow commands to be exchanged between the base station and the deskphone electronically and EPOS produces a range of different cables for different models of deskphone.

The second option is to use our mechanical solution, the handset lifter - HSL 10. This product will physically lift the hand-receiver of your deskphone to accept incoming calls, and return it to the resting position to end calls. Typically, you can use the HSL 10 in environments where there's no possibility of using an EHS cable.

To check what options are available for your deskphone, please visit our compatibility guide.

In step one, please enter your deskphone. If you are experiencing difficulties finding your specific model, try simply entering the model number without the manufacturer's name, as it may have been rebranded by your telephony provider.

In step two, select the model of EPOS headset that you are interested in. In step three, you will then be shown the options available to connect them. Cables beginning with 'CEHS' are EHS cables, and can be used to gain call control electronically. If the HSL 10 is listed in step three, call control may be gained using that device.

If neither an EHS cable nor the HSL 10 is listed, and the only option is 'Cable supplied with headset', then this means that there is, unfortunately, no call control solution. The headset may be used as an audio device, but you will not be able to accept or end calls using the headset itself, and this must continue to be done on the deskphone.

Electronic hook switch (EHS) cables

For more detailed instructions for connecting your EHS cable with your deskphone, please see the entry for the specific cable in question:

Depending on your exact phone model, it may also be necessary to change the EHS mode of the headset. To check if this is necessary, and for instructions on how to do so, please visit the entry on EHS programming mode.

Handset lifter (HSL 10)

The HSL 10 is a mechanical device which uses its attached microphone to listen for the ringing of your deskphone to send an alert tone to the headset. You can then use the button on the headset to instruct the HSL 10 to manually lift the hand receiver, accepting the call and directing it to the headset. Pressing the button again will return the receiver to the resting position and end the call.