ADAPT 660 - Pairing - Pairing the with Bluetooth Dongle

Placing the ADAPT 660 into pairing mode

To place the ADAPT 660 into pairing mode, first switch the headset on.

Next, press and hold the sound effect mode button for approximately 4 seconds, or until you hear the voice prompt "pairing".

The LEDs on the headset should now be lighting up in a cascading sequence, indicating that the headset has been successfully placed into pairing mode.

Pairing the headset with the BTD 800 dongle

Once you have confirmed that the headset is in pairing mode, you will need to place the dongle itself into pairing mode as well.

To do so, ensure that the dongle is inserted and then press and hold the button for approximately three seconds, or until the LED begins to alternately flash red and blue.

After placing both devices into pairing mode, they should then pair with one another. When pairing is successful, the LED on the headset should flash white three times and the dongle will flash blue three times. If the LED flashes red three times, pairing has failed and the process should be repeated.