We aim to make sound matter. Our work is an ode to audio engineering, craftsmanship and a deeply rooted passion to enable our users to perform. Our technologies span over the range of Artificial Intelligence to Sound Experience and Microphone Performance.

EPOS AI™ - Creates an optimized audio experience

Through our commitment to exploring the Power of Audio we have developed an optimized audio experience that pushes your communication further and boosts your ability to succeed. With our user in mind, we implemented EPOS AI™ - a machine learning system embedded in EPOS audio devices that processes audio and takes decisions independently. By interacting with advanced beamforming and noise reduction algorithms, this system enables the device to automatically adapt to your speech while studying your sound environment. The technology within EPOS AI™ then successfully reduces the ambient sounds in your environment, thus, transmitting your speech loud and clear to your listener – where it matters most.

We aim to stay at the forefront of what is technically possible. With the ADAPT 660 we have launched the first edge AI based headset in the entire UC space, thus laying the groundwork to be pioneers within audio technology.

EPOS Sound ™ - Sound as if you were right there

EPOS Sound™ makes the most out of your premium audio device by delivering a natural listening experience. Through continuous monitoring of ambient sound and varying noise levels, our technology helps you concentrate while taking care of your hearing: creating an augmented and immersive audio experience that sounds as if you are speaking to someone face-to-face or are right there in the same environment. No matter where you are. What’s more, you can listen to your teammates or keep an ear out for announcements without removing your headset. For more focus, block out background noise with ease and enjoy the benefits of EPOS Sound™ – while watching your performance and energy levels rise.

EPOS Voice™ - Be understood in any environment

EPOS Voice™ improves your speech intelligibility and provides for a better conversation by creating an acoustic lens to focus on your speech. Through removing remaining noise disturbances, it ensures a more natural reproduction of the human voice. EPOS Voice™, furthermore, recognizes your environment in order to eliminate unpleasant background noise to clarify your sound picture. Making sure you can be heard no matter where you are – for the ultimate audio experience. With optimal control of noise levels, this technology allows for an effortless use of your digital voice assistants anytime, anywhere.