Customer Case: Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police serves nearly one million people in the East Midlands. The area Leiceistershire Police are responsible for covers over 2,500 square kilometres (over 965 square miles) and has a population of over one million. There is a rich diversity of communities all with their own policing needs.

The Challenge

There were two particular requirements:

  • first that headsets should allow operators to ‘hot-desk’ from any PC workstation

  • and second that headsets should provide a futureproof solution in the event that the force moves from desk phones to a PC based softphone system.

The Solution

We supplied 420 IMPACT DW headsets and 120 base units. Wearing comfort is a critical factor in a contact center environment where agents may be wearing the headset for several hours a day.

Leicestershire Police serves nearly one million people in the East Midlands. As part of its continuing review and improvement processes, the force reviewed its 999 emergency and non-emergency operations center. During the review operator headsets were evaluated and the decision was made to look at upgrades for this mission critical equipment.

Leicestershire Police requested a proposal and invited tenders from two other potential suppliers. We proposed our IMPACT DW Series wireless headsets, offering 180-meter line-of-sight range, 12 hours of talk time and fast charging, with 3 hours talk time in just 10 minutes – and full charge in 1 hour.

This solution would also provide Leicestershire Police with PC integration when required and allow hot-desking due to the easy pairing feature whereby any IMPACT DW headset can be paired to any base station in seconds.

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Our Silver Command team have six additional IMPACT DW headsets and can link in immediately to any call which is especially beneficial in a fast moving situation”

Jane Timms

Purchasing Manager - Leicestershire Police