Customer Case: Environment Agency

The UK Environment Agency chooses our Enterprise Solutions after rigorous evaluation.

The Challenge

The UK Environment Agency is in the process of replacing its telephony service as part of a move from traditional PSTN delivery to a VoIP Unified Communications solution.

The basic need to communicate effectively and flexibly is of paramount importance, and there is a strong focus on finding a solution that provides quality, clarity and usability while remaining costeffective.

The Solution

The Environment Agency conducted an extensive in-house trial of a range of leading headsets and telephony equipment as part of its move to a Unified Communications and Cisco Jabber™ compatible workforce. The aim of the project was to promote interdependent communication between flexible, agile teams that could work from anywhere and with anyone, from employees to partners and customers.

This process must be conducted effectively and fluidly, and so an endpoint solution to enable staff to do so while reflecting the dynamic nature of the revised operation was a must.

“We knew that our endpoint devices were an important part of the service. This is a business process change facilitiated by technology, so these devices had to be the same standard as the service we were creating.” said Ben Thomas, Project Manager for the Environment Agency.

“We went to market to find out what was out there and narrowed it down to three key suppliers for an internal evaluation. We investigated each company’s wired product, Bluetooth® product, and speakerphone product to cover the three main areas for desk based and mobile use.”

"Your headset and speakerphone solutions

came out on top in key areas of our testing”

- Ben Thomas
Project manager - Environment Agency

The Environment Agency trialed the 3 following products from our Enterprise Solutions portfolio: IMPACT 660 - a wired dual-sided headset, ADAPT Presence – a wireless Bluetooth® headset and the Speakerphone EXPAND 20 - a portable, powerful speakerphone designed to be used both in the fixed and mobile office.

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The Environment Agency is a non-departmental public body, established in 1995 and sponsored by the United Kingdom government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), with responsibilities relating to the protection and enhancement of the environment in England.