SDW 10 HS - Replacing the battery

Required material:

  • new Battery pack for SDW 10 HS - ID No. AHB552826TPC
  • pointy object (e.g small screwdriver) to open the battery compartment

Disassembling the rechargeable battery pack:

Removing the ear hook or the headband:

1. Rotate the holder with the charging pin away from the microphone boom.

2. Hold the headset with one hand.

3. Slide one finger of the other hand into the small recess on the headband or wearing style adapter.

4. Pull the two units apart from each other. The headset loosens and you hear a click.

5. Remove the headset from the holder.

Opening the battery compartment:

1. Press the first clamp with a screwdriver. The battery compartment lifts a bit.

2. Press the other two clamps with your fingers.

3. Gently move the battery compartment cover in direction of the headset holder until you overcome a slight resistance.

4. Open the battery compartment cover as shown below.

Removing the rechargeable battery:

1. Lift the rechargeable battery.

2. Carefully loosen the connector plug. Do not pull on the wires.

Assembling the new battery pack:

1. Rotate the battery so that the marking signs are visible at the top. Insert the connector plug of the new rechargeable battery into the connection socket. Observe correct orientation of the connector plug.

2. Press on the plastic parts to securely lock the connector plug.

3. Insert the battery and assure that the marking signs are visible at the top.

4. Make sure that the wires are aligned and not crossing over each other. Gently press down the three wires.

5. Slide the battery compartment cover in the two small locking pins.

6. Close the battery compartment. You hear a click. Make sure the two small holders are closed.

Testing the battery and final adjustments:

1. Test the function of the headset: Press the hook button to switch on the headset. The LED lights up blue.

2. Remount the headband or earhook. see User Guide for further information.

3. Charge the battery for at least 20 minutes before using the headset. See User guide for further information.

4. Switch off the headset before sending it to the customer. Press and hold the Hook button for 5 seconds. The headset switches off. The headset LED flashed red 3 times and turns off.