The New Reality of Remote Learning

The new reality of education looks decidedly digital. Students are not only studying remotely; they are attending classes online too. Getting up and going to class has become rolling out of bed and jumping straight into the virtual classroom.

This is where learning gets tricky. Staring at a computer screen can often be less engaging that meeting teachers and fellow students face-to-face. That’s where high-quality audio and video solutions are of increasing importance to try and heighten the virtual learning experience. As voice is so essential to learning, high-quality audio can make or break your online education. That’s why finding the right audio tools and collaboration solutions is vital.

Get Ready for Successful Learning Online

Together with Frost & Sullivan, EPOS has developed a report that takes a deep dive into the new reality of education and the remote learning process. It points to how both students and teachers must adapt to the new reality and how superior audio can support successful learning.

The whitepaper looks at both the challenges and advantages of the new normal of education and how the rise of digitalization within learning presents opportunities to enhance the learning process.

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The New Reality of Remote Learning

Find out why superior audio is vital to remote learning in a new Ebook from EPOS. We consider why sound is so important to the learning process and paint a picture of the new reality for both students and teachers. We take an in-depth look into audio devices such as headsets and speakerphones that enable a high-quality learning experience, focusing on the technologies and features that set EPOS apart as a leader in the field of premium audio equipment.

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EPOS Partners with Leading UC Providers

We partner with leading UC and collaboration providers to develop audio solutions that are certified for the platforms you use within education, including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom. Find out more about our partners and their focus on the new reality of remote learning.

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