Wellbeing at Work

Unified Communications technologies have transformed the corporate landscape, facilitating global communications in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

Remote workers and telecommuters now have robust, seamless access to their corporate hub offices, allowing companies to conduct business regardless of their workforce’s whereabouts.

Mobility-enabling technologies are a shining example of how previous communications practices can be replaced by more effective, efficient solutions. The freedom offered by these technologies can have great potential impact on employee wellbeing, both in the form of increased movement and enhanced awareness of proper ergonomics.

The organic result of this wellness trend? – Happier, healthier and more motivated employees.

Unfortunately, despite mobile devices’ overwhelming benefits, human habit is to sit rather than to get active. Employees are slow to take advantage of modern technology’s capacity to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. This tendency spans both diverse UC technologies and office environments, illustrating a critical need for human habit change.